The Last of us

Welcome to PAMS

A perfect school for your kids to
learn and grow to their full potentials.

Welcome to PAMS

A perfect school for your kids to
learn and grow to their full potentials.

The Last of us

Amazing Illustrations

Wonderful display of words and
numbers for quick understanding.

Amazing Illustrations

Wonderful display of words and
numbers for quick understanding.

What we offer


We bring out the creativity of your child by providing them with all the necessary tools to turn their ideas into reality confidently.

Adequate Lessons

We instill core human values on your kids and endeavour to tutor them properly in all the subjects they partake in to improve more and more.

Healthy Relationships

We endeavour to maintain a very healthy relationship with your kids and as well with the parent in order for the kids to feel comfortable at school.

About us

PAMS represents Patience Akinsuroju Memorial School. At PAMS, pupils are not only trained by books but trained for life. They are taught how to become a responsible member of the society. We educate the whole person, and instill character build up in our kids.

  • We always ensure a clean environment.
  • We provide a safe space for the kids.
  • We make room for entertainment and leisure.
  • We protect your kids from danger or harm.

PAMS is not just a school for your kids to go to but also a first class child upbringing facility


Education has now become one of the basic needs of a human. You cannot go far in life these days without a proper education. It serves as a propeller and a means of enlightening a child to the norms of society.

There is no greater way to give your child a headstart in life than providing him or her with the best education starting from the basic level.

At PAMS, we take kids from creche, pre-school, kindergaten I and II, Basics (Primary) 1 - 6 level and tutor them with the best of the best.


We create break periods and provide room for entertainment for the kids, apart from the curricular activities there is also room for extra - curricular activities such as music, sports, dancing, TV time, picnics, excursion, visits, holiday parties, debates, public speaking, events and so much more.

There is also space to sharpen the minds of the pupils by thowing up random activities and excercises for them to use their ideas and imaginations to solve those problems. Of which involves introduction to logical games such as chess.


We encourage and nuture friendship amongst the kids, the kids and teachers and as well as the teachers and parents, there is a periodic call for PTA meetings, to discuss about the way forward, challenges and victories of the school.

These union amongst all parties involves makes the school safe, healthy and comfortable most especially for the kids therein after makes them more receptible to learn and be better at every passing day.


The right and proper development of your kids is our ultimate purpose. It is the source of our joy and well being. We make sure that they all grow emotionally, physically, in cognition and way of expressing themselves and who they truly are.

We also advice and encourage them on the various ways to manage their weaknesses and throttle their strengths and abilities in achieving the right outcome at whatever circumstance in life.




Yes, we do as well all the other necessary and primary subjects to the kids such as Mathematics, English, Arts, Science, Numerals, Alphabets etc.
We offer creche, nursery, pre-school, kindergaten I and II and Primary (Basics) I to 6 classes with their various schedules.
Most definitely, there would be periodic dates set aside for PTA meetings so that parents and teachers can come together and properly discuss about the growth of the kids and other activities
Most certainly, there is room for the pupils to perform various extra-curricular activities deemed fit by the school such as drama, sports, music, picnics etc.

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0708 873 0919

03, Adio Akinlusi Street Akinbo Phase One, Akute, Ogun State, Nigeria